Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is Spoker involved in the community? Stratmish LLC, of which is one of its products, is owned and operated by Awaken the Vision Inc--a non-profit community development corporation that works closely with underserved communities throughout the United States.
  2. What is the difference between Spoker Rewind and Spoker Live? All Spoker games are offered on both the Live and Rewind platforms. They are played exactly the same way for both formats—with one exception. The difference between the two comes down to how the scoring is done. Spoker Live games use the live data that comes from professional games. It is the same live data that all other daily fantasy sports sites use for their games. Spoker Rewind is unique and can only be found on The statistics that are used to score the games for Spoker Rewind are not from live events. Instead, it uses FANTASY POINT PER GAME AVERAGES. Contestants make decisions in the games based on the averages various athletes put up during a given season. This allows people to play fun fantasy sports games and not have to wait for live events to occur.
  3. How long does it take to receive my funds? Game winners immediately have funds put directly on their Spoker cards.
  4. What if I disconnect from the Internet? Players assume the risk for their poor Internet connections or complete disconnections. We will not assume any responsibility for losses caused by disconnections. You can view final results of games by clicking on Final Score? Click Here!
  5. Hold 'Em/Omaha Entry Fees? A player must have enough in their account to cover their entry fee for Hold 'Em and Omaha games; however, this entry fee is NOT immediately withdrawn from their account. Instead, it is incrementally withdrawn each time they decide to continue playing and not fold.
  6. What is the payout structure for Spoker? The payout structure for all Spoker games both Live and Rewind is as follows: 1st Place = 3x Entry Fee; 2nd Place = 2x Entry Fee; 3rd Place = 2x Entry Fee; 4th Place = Receive Entry Fee; Back 5th - 9th Place = No Payout. Hold 'Em and Omaha are the exceptions. Only the first place finisher(s) is paid.
  7. Can a player leave a game? Yes, but only if the table is not full. There is an "unjoin" button that players can click to leave any table that has LESS than nine(9) participants. Once a table has nine people, the game begins and leaving is no longer possible.
  8. What do I do if my Spoker Live game is finished, but it is still showing in My Games? Simply click on the game in your My Games area and you will see the scoring unfold. It will no longer show up in My Games after that.
  9. What If I am already in the game room when a Spoker Live Game finishes? Once you leave the room, the game will disappear permanently.
  10. What browser should I use to play Spoker? For best results you should play Spoker on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Please note that other browsers may impede gameplay.
  11. What do the different colored nameplates mean? Player nameplates are color coded to identify the experience level of each participant in a game. A GREEN nameplate identifies someone who has played in less than 100 total Spoker games, a BLUE nameplate identifies someone who has played in between 100 and 1,000 total Spoker games and a BLACK nameplate identifies someone who has played in more than 1,000 total Spoker games. Games played in the PRACTICE lobby do NOT count towards these totals.
  12. What does it mean when a table shows BEG on it? Some Spoker games only permit beginning players in them. These games are labeled "BEG" in the game lobby. A beginning player is defined as anyone who has played less than 100 times for a particular game type. For example, GREED is a particular game type. 1/6 of the Spoker games are only open to beginning players.